Best Value Public Sector Cooperative Purchasing

Axia Cooperative delivers the best value in cooperative purchasing agreements to public agencies across America.


Compliance comes first with Axia. We partner with the most trusted Lead Public Agencies, those that ensure that every procurement follows a documented process to the letter of the law. You can trust that we then leverage our decades of national cooperative purchasing experience to ensure procedural compliance in all 50 states. Learn More About The Contracting Process >>


If you leverage a contract publicly solicited and awarded by another agency, you need to know that a procurement process similar to yours was followed, and that the best possible value was achieved in the process. You achieve that by performing due diligence on the contract documents. As they are public record, Axia provides those for anyone to view. View Contract Documents >

Best Value

Can a single procurement entity, whether it’s an agency or a cooperative purchasing organization, legitimately claim that it will always get the best price for the product or service procured? The answer is absolutely not. No supplier would (or could) honor that. Instead, Axia works with our lead agencies to produce contracts that provide the best overall value.

Achievement of Excellence in Procurement

Built On Excellence

The people behind the publicly solicited and awarded agreements you utilize are the most important aspect to a cooperative purchasing program. We hand-pick each lead public agency based on their reputation and their ability to adhere to the highest procurement standards. All of our lead agencies have received the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award by NPI. They develop, advertise, solicit, evaluate and award contracts based on their established procurement processes.

Contracting Process

Each Lead Public Agency follows their own process to develop, advertise, solicit, evaluate and award contracts. See each individual solicitation, either on our Solicitations page or on the respective Contract documentation page, for details on the specific process followed.

However, all contracts in the Axia portfolio do follow certain guidelines. Click below to learn more.

Why Axia?

Many of today’s cooperative organizations focus more on the number of suppliers they can award versus the value their agreements bring to the agencies they serve. Our Commitment is to provide your agency with measurable savings through a transparent procurement process you can trust. Axia Cooperative leverages the knowledge and experience of public procurement leaders along with three decades of experience developing cooperative contracts to provide strategic solutions that meet today’s procurement challenges.

Our Lead Agencies

The people behind the publicly solicited and awarded agreements you utilize are the most important aspect to a cooperative purchasing program. We hand-pick each lead public agency based on our knowledge of public procurement leaders and our relationships with those making waves in the industry. Meet The Lead Public Agencies >

Axia Cooperative By the Numbers

The Axia team has been involved in the growth of the Public Sector Cooperative Purchasing industry since the beginning of this century. We’re now looking to continue its evolution to better serve public agencies across America.


Eligible Agencies

$1.7 Trillion

Market Size In Annual Spend


Years Of Cooperative Experience

About Axia Cooperative

Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, Axia’s leadership has 20+ years in the public sector cooperative purchasing industry.

Participation Eligibility

Want to register your agency to participate in the Axia Cooperative Purchasing Program? It is (and always will be) free to join and participate, but your organization must be eligible:

  • Federal Agencies
  • States
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Colleges & Universities (Public & Private)
  • Public School Districts
  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Religious Organizations
  • Public Utility Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Question about your eligibility, or unsure if your agency is already a member of Axia Cooperative? Contact us and let’s talk through it! We strongly recommend that, if you are not a procurement or legal representative for your organization, you invite them to contact us or register on your behalf.

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