As the fastest-growing Cooperative Purchasing Organization in the nation, Axia Cooperative works with respected leaders from the public procurement community to offer a growing portfolio of master agreements that leverage national volume to deliver savings, efficiency, and innovation for non-federal public sector agencies.   Each of our agreements is publicly solicited by a lead agency utilizing the strictest of procurement standards.  The resulting awards address the dynamic needs of today’s evolving market while providing both value and cutting-edge solutions.

Αξία / Axia

Means Value

A Legacy of Maximizing Value Creation

At Axia Cooperative, our mission is to maximize value for our participating public agencies. With over three decades of experience, we are committed to driving success through unmatched service, strategic insights, and innovative solutions that deliver a tangible and lasting impact.

Axia Cooperative transcends the conventional notions of a company; it embodies a legacy, a commitment, and a force of innovation. We aren’t merely a name; we’re specialists in government procurement, seasoned B2G professionals, and pioneers in the cooperative purchasing industry.

Distinguished by decades of expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of the procurement industry, Axia is synonymous with delivering unparalleled value to our participating agencies. Our seasoned leadership team has orchestrated the partnering efforts that led to the development of a $13 billion cooperative contract portfolio, encompassing over 300 supplier partners, and catering to a diverse membership base of more than 200,000 customers.

Today, our aim is to optimize procurement for your agency and assist you in surpassing your procurement goals. We partner with the best suppliers to provide agencies with the ability to save time, money, and effort through an extensive array of contracts and solutions that simplify procurement and drive best value for our agencies.

At Axia, excellence is not just a standard; it’s a way of driving collaborative success.

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