Axia Cooperative contracts have been publicly solicited and awarded by our Lead Public Agencies in accordance with their procurement regulations. Each Lead Public Agency follows its respective state’s statutes as it pertains to the solicitation, award, contract management and intergovernmental cooperative purchasing procedures.

Every solicitation that results in a contract made available through the Axia Cooperative Purchasing program includes language detailing that the resulting contract will be made available to other public agencies. Offering suppliers are encouraged to respond to each solicitation with the potential national participation in mind.

Each state (and their respective political subdivisions) follows different statutes and procedures when leveraging a cooperative purchasing agreement. Axia Cooperative counsels our Lead Public Agencies of the differences in these requirements from state to state. While it remains the responsibility of each participating agency to ensure compliance with the appropriate statutes and processes, Axia Cooperative strives for compliance across the nation. To help ensure that proper due diligence can be conducted, we provide contract documents in full (including solicitation and advertisement documentation) on our website.