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Artisan Systems boasts an impressive track record of success in the realm of audio, video, security, surveillance system, and technology solutions, with an ever-expanding roster of public sector clients who entrust them to meet their specific needs.

Their seasoned team is dedicated to achieving excellence right from the outset. They firmly believe that success lies in meticulous attention to detail, which is why when clients choose to collaborate with Artisan Systems, they gain access to a dedicated team that plays a pivotal role at each stage of their project.

Contract Number 2230149-01

Lead Agency: City of Tucson
Effective: 08/17/2023
Expiration: 08/16/2026
Options to renew: 2 additional 1-year periods through 08/16/2028

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Bill Aziz
Managing Director

Office: (480) 538-1071
Mobile: (480) 235-1100

15876 N 76th Street, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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