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Solve what’s next with public service delivery of agile IT solutions.

As they try to improve citizen services, public sector organizations face unique challenges when procuring and utilizing secure technologies: budget constraints, talent shortages, outdated legacy systems, and data privacy concerns, to name just a few.

We understand what you’re up against. That’s why our solutions help you transform public sector service delivery with next-generation infrastructure. SHI’s team of experts have worked with over 12,000 government and educational entities, which means we’re confident helping you:

  • Optimize your software licensing.
  • Procure devices and managed services.
  • Enhance security posture to protect sensitive information.
  • Focus on delivering the services that matter most to your constituents.

With increased reliance on digital channels to access services and information, reliable and secure technology is essential for state and local government organizations looking to provide better customer experiences for employees and citizens.

However, budget constraints can hinder technology investment – leading to security risks, system failures, and delays in delivering critical public services.

We understand the challenges facing state and local governments in keeping up with the latest IT trends while maintaining security and reliability. Our modern workplace solutions, cybersecurity services, cloud migration expertise, and data management solutions can help your organization meet the demands of the digital age while providing the funding support you need to make it happen.

Contract Number 240025-02

Lead Agency: City of Tucson
Effective: 01/17/2024
Expiration: 01/16/2027
Options to renew: 2 additional 1-year periods through 01/16/2029

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