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Many areas of the public sector have yet to realize the benefits of digital transformation that the private sector has. Better service delivery, greater productivity, and cost savings are three examples. As your IT partner, we can help you overcome challenges, adopt new technologies, and better serve the people who count on you.

Enhance services for citizens and workers while hitting your performance and spending targets.
Public sector challenges differ from those in the private sector; however, both must adapt and respond to ongoing change. We can help.

Zones has a rich history of embracing change. Our mission is to help drive your success through IT innovation, agility, and trust.

As expert IT advisors and solution providers, we ask the right questions. We listen to understand what our customers really need. And we remain notoriously nimble in delivering the IT services and solutions that will enable your digital transformation.

6 Benefits of Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

  • Deliver deployment and configuration services that drive efficiency.
  • Transform the workplace for greater productivity.
  • Enhance data security through identity and access management.
  • Fortify your defenses against cyberthreats.
  • Use artificial intelligence and automation to improve service delivery.
  • Leverage data analytics for greater insight and informed decision-making.

In a world full of technology, we champion people.
Human relationships and expertise are at the core of our customer-centered approach – because technology without people is limited. To reach its full potential, technology must have people behind it and in front of it, elevating and propelling it forward.

In serving the public sector, our people have a singular mindset – solve complex IT problems TODAY with complete solutions that can transition TOMORROW.

And our people are passionate about what they do.
We’ve invested heavily in our people, our facilities, and our capabilities to ensure we can earn your trust – not just as an IT solutions provider, but as an IT solutions partner.

Through a combination of expert consulting and project management, design and implementation expertise, and managed services that free you to focus on what you do best, we’re able to unlock the full potential of your digital transformation.

Contract Number 2023-D-006-03

Lead Agency: Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
Effective: 03/01/2024
Expiration: 02/28/2027
Options to renew: 2 additional 1-year periods through 02/28/2029

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Patricia Karakash
Public Sector – Contract Manager

Mobile: (312) 972-9300

1102 15th St SW, Suite 102
Auburn, WA 98001-6524

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1102 15th St SW, Suite 102
Auburn, WA 98001-6524

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