Axia Cooperative Statement on EDGAR requirements

EDGAR is the Education Department General Administrative Regulations, which require compliance with 2 CFR 200 (i.e. Uniform Guidance). This is the Federal regulation that governs all federal grants awarded by the Federal Government on or after December 26th, 2014. The adoption date for non-federal government entities was July 1, 2018.

Cooperative purchasing is permissible under EDGAR. EDGAR encourages inter-entity agreements, where appropriate, to procure or use common or shared goods and services. However, agencies have specific responsibilities to ensure their individual compliance with EDGAR.

Axia Cooperative will do its best to provide guidance on EDGAR compliance but does not provide any assurances to agencies that the process utilized by our lead procurement agencies meets individual adopting agency’s unique internal compliance requirements.

Our lead public agencies award their cooperative contracts through a process that complies with their applicable federal, state, and local laws. All Axia Cooperative contracts are awarded through a public competitive solicitation process that is consistent, well-documented, and publicly viewable. All solicitation process and contract documentation is available on this website to assist agencies in determining if the processes followed are compliant with EDGAR.